Rudder empowers public officials to create and execute a running program of sustainable innovation projects in their regions.

It is a hands-on approach that supports better governance by enabling the public officials to work closely with local stakeholders. Together, they conceptualize, develop, and implement projects. These projects are integrated into long-running programs that support regional and national objectives.

The long-term goal of Rudder is to embed skills, resources, competences, capabilities, and structures that help the public sector become effective and successful in transformative policies. 

The focus is on building resilience and achieving progress for the Sustainable Development Goals.

The start of RUDDER

Rudder was developed together with regional governments on islands as a part of the Interreg North Sea project FREIIA. The goal of the project is to facilitate resilience by empowering islands with innovative approaches that can be applied to tackle common challenges such as population decline, climate change, economic diversification and import dependance. RUDDER is being used by:

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