Fill in the Tipping Wheel

Tipping workshop

Once your homework on the case has been done and your introduction presentation is ready, you can start planning a 1-2- day workshop. Usually, you will organize this in close cooperation with the municipality and the other stakeholders involved in the innovation challenge.

Each ‘spoke’ of the TIPPING Wheel will be discussed in small groups. Via the self-assessment questions and scores at the end of each TIPPING strategy, you can askparticipants to fill in and discusstheir scores for the innovation policy achievement to date and the desired achievement over a number of years. Here, each group can also list their project ideas. As a guide, we advise you to formulate ideas in such a way that the involved policy makers and ‘effectuators’ are able to formulate 1A4 per proposal within a period of one month after the workshop.

In small groups of participants (5-10 persons), all strategies can be discussed collectively. Experience shows that for largergroups, its more efficient to splitthe -large- group into subgroups which all handle a smaller number (1-4) of the TIPPING strategies. The outcomes of all groups are presented by the rapporteurs and discussed in a plenary meeting. For further elaboration, it is advised to nominate one or two plenary rapporteurs, who make notes and deliver these after the meeting to the envisaged authors or facilitating TIPPING team, responsible for the workshop end report.

Discuss each strategy, and score:
  • The achievements as of today’s situation
  • The ambition for future next practices

Discuss and note (record) argumentation per score. Challenge the participants with the options/next practices. In addition: try to formulate own, extra options and stimulating examples! Add these to your TIPPING Documents File, to be also used in next innovation events.