Creative council Northern Netherlands

Creative council Northern Netherlands

The Provinces of Fryslan, Drenthe and Groningen have established a special “Creative Council Northern Netherlands” to guarantee a better representation of the creative industry in the political process. Also, this council can organize special creative industry events and facilitateits branch members with finding appropriate funding options forinnovation projects.

Source: Creative Council Northern Netherlands –

Example of strategy 7B:

Political Entrance for the Creative Industry

A study on the creative industry -arts & crafts, designers, architects etc.- in rural areas (NL, Fryslan period 2012-2018) shows that networks of the emerging new creative businesses hardly have entrance to the local political arena. Usually, the established industries (agriculture, tourism, small industries) are dominant in these circles. As a consequence, many initiatives which are crucial for longer-term innovation, particularly

in remote areas like islands, won’t get the necessary support and stimulation. Therefore, local and regional policy makers should be aware of this dilemma, and give the creative industry in the regions, not yet as well organized as the established branches, extra opportunities for communication and political engagement and response.

Source: S.Celik Dissertation (2018, TU Delft)

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