Madeira M-ITI

Madeira M-ITI

The Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute (M-ITI) is a non-profit innovation institute of the University of Madeira, the youngest and smallest public university in Portugal. M-ITI operates in the interdisciplinary domain of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) encapsulating contributions from the disciplines of Computer Science, Psychology and Social Sciences, and Design, with the goal of engaging in important scientific and technological challenges. M-ITI aims to expand understanding of human experience and interactive technologies through basic and applied research that is responsive to manifest real-world needs using multi-disciplinary collaboration drawing on a variety of perspectives.

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Example of strategy 7C:

Special Regional Arrangements

In pioneering islands’ practices, we can also find approaches in whichlarge companies successfully test their new, sustainable technologies with island experiments. Often, the testing involves a crucial role with respect to the user experience, as well as learning trajectories for island engineers, installers, and other technical disciplines as early adopters.

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