Online local pioneer communities

Online local pioneer communities

The Energy Academy of Samsoe created an online guide to inspire and empower local communities to think big and become pioneers for sustainable development. It is an excellent resource that is freely accessible and includes an abundance of informative material such as experiences, advice, tools, methods, stories, scientific perspectives and videos.


Example of strategy 4C:

Educative Tool Development and Diffusion

Educative and training tools can be a powerful means in the diffusion of innovations, stand-alone or as part of larger communication and education activities and programs. They can be of serious nature, like reports, guides, videos and manuals with worksheets, or involve modern social media including websites and more playful games, from modern digital ones to old fashioned cards, which attempt to get the users actively involved. Their orientation can be aimed at different target groups, like students, end-users or involve a train-the-trainer perspective. Local and regional governments are challenged to help innovators in the development and diffusion of such tools, and advise them on potential cooperation with tool developers, from universities to game designers and communication and media consultants. The outcomes of the tool application on another island or field can help to build additional knowledge, in line with a practice-based research approach.

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